Recent Projects

Visually and technically correct? Effortless!

Scanning and design

Modification of an existing installation means there will be as much reuse as possible, and the existing situation will be measured as accurately as possible. Usually, the elements known at the time are measured. This will often restrict the designer and result in tunnel vision. To stop this from happening, we use a 3D scan to produce a point cloud of your installation. This results in the quick availability of a huge amount of. If problems then arise in terms of the design, we have the opportunity to take a broader perspective and find a solution without having to return to the site.


Perfect positioning of new platform in existing situation

Scanning and design

When you create a new design, you naturally want to avoid any clashes with the existing installation. A 3D scan is the perfect tool to eliminate the chance of this happening. To connect to an existing installation, we convert specific elements of the point cloud into CAD objects. This means we have a point of reference to start from when designing. This design can be accurately evaluated against the existing installation, thus avoiding any clashes. We can also anticipate any preparatory work.

Fast, accurate and meticulous

measurement flange

Do you want to make a connection between two fixed points? Of course, this measurement cannot be made until the fixed points are in their exact position. At the instruction of the end customer, we started by producing a design our customer could use to request quotations. 

Feel the vibe, taste the sweetness


In order to be able to produce the technical design, we started with a graphic design every time. In this case it was the DJ Stage designed by Antje Kestens. Using her sketches, we set to work to ensure the design was feasible from a technical point of view. To this end, we created a full 3D drawing of the stage, including all the décor and banners. We then checked the design against the relevant standards by performing a strength calculation. 

Besides the DJ Stage, we designed the various truss structures and the suspension systems, including the new LED wall. The décor treasures, such as the sweet stand, are also from our drawing board. We carried out a stability study for several of these structures, and we were responsible for the project management for more than 300 banners.

We are tremendously proud to have been able to work on Belgium’s most important city festival!!


Scan with robot

On behalf of one of our customers, we produced a conceptual design for a new robotised conveyor belt system in the customer’s existing installation.

We used a 3D scan to evaluate in practice once the new design had been executed. We placed the designs from the CAD software in this point cloud, which ensured that everyone involved in the project was aware of the impact, including operators, security services and maintenance staff. 

Using this concept, we can quickly and smoothly switch to a basic design in order to deliver a detail design of this kind.