Visually and technically correct? Effortless!

Scanning and design

Modification of an existing installation means there will be as much reuse as possible, and the existing situation will be measured as accurately as possible. Usually, the elements known at the time are measured. This will often restrict the designer and result in tunnel vision. To stop this from happening, we use a 3D scan to produce a point cloud of your installation. This results in the quick availability of a huge amount of. If problems then arise in terms of the design, we have the opportunity to take a broader perspective and find a solution without having to return to the site.

In this particular project, the customer wanted to install a new mezzanine floor at a higher level, after a second new higher tank had been installed. A very short amount of time was allocated for the modification, which means any errors would delay production.

That’s why we decided to reuse the existing mezzanine floor. By identifying the floor from the 3D scan, it could easily be relocated in the 3D model. As a result of this, we were able to effortlessly design a new mezzanine floor that would connect to an existing entrance.

We were also able to draw the tanks in our 3D model using a STEP file. During a 3D review with our customer and all involved parties, the design and working method of the contractors’ installation was discussed and approved.

Subsequent execution went without a hitch, and everything fit perfectly!

Project photos

3D-Scan of an existing situation
Design platform and 3D-scan
After placement