About us

POLYTEK: Taking care of your project

What do a biscuit factory and an oil refinery have in common? Nothing at all, you would imagine. But there is one thing! Both rely on machines being in tip-top condition.

As engineers, at Polytek we work for a wide variety of customers. Nevertheless, our customers have one common goal: to work efficiently, with a focus on quality and budget.

That’s why we strive for open communication with you, our customer. Because every project is different. You let us know your requirements and we look for the best possible solution for your company.

From 3D scanning to engineering to construction management: our team of experts are ready to assist you. We will monitor your project from start to finish, down to the smallest detail.

We can help you with:

  • 3D laser scanning
  • mechanical and piping engineering
  • civil and structural engineering
  • construction management



A beautiful design is great. But what if, during the construction phase, it becomes apparent that the design isn’t feasible? You’d have to start all over again, which is frustrating, time-consuming and costly.

That’s why, at Polytek, we put efficiency first. To that end, we work in phases:

  • Basic engineering: We work together to outline your project on paper. During this phase, we continue to tinker with the design. Does something need to be relocated? If so, we change the design at this stage.
  • Detailed engineering: We work out the design, down to the finest detail. The design is now ready for the construction phase, for which you would engage the services of an external partner.
  • Construction management: We monitor proper execution on-site and make adjustments where necessary.

Where possible, we start with a 3D scan of the entire environment; this ensures we are immediately aware of all the details and useable elements. It also means you avoid additional costs and errors. After every project, we make time for an evaluation. What went smoothly? What could be more efficient? We – and you – will reap the benefits of this evaluation during every future project.



Polytek is a enthusiastic team. A team that will go out of its way to ensure successful completion of your project. We don’t rest until we find the best and most efficient solution for you.

Call it a passion, call it a hobby that has got out of hand: designing and 3D drawing is what we love to do.

Our motto? Seriousness when necessary, humour when possible. We also get together outside work - sometimes we organise barbecues, or after-work drinks.