Recent Projects

Design of a plant

3D view of plant

For a Coopérative Agricole, we are designing a new plant. We do this using our methodology based on BIM (Building Intelligence Modeling).

Visually and technically correct? Effortless!

Scanning and design

Modification of an existing installation means there will be as much reuse as possible, and the existing situation will be measured as accurately as possible. 


Perfect positioning of new platform in existing situation

Scanning and design

When you create a new design, you naturally want to avoid any clashes with the existing installation. A 3D scan is the perfect tool to eliminate the chance of this happening. 

Fast, accurate and meticulous

measurement flange

Do you want to make a connection between two fixed points? Of course, this measurement cannot be made until the fixed points are in their exact position. At the instruction of the end customer, we started by producing a design our customer could use to request quotations.